Selling gold for cash

Are you looking for gold buyers?

You may have broken jewelry, dental gold or other scrap gold that you no longer need. This is a perfect opportunity to do some spring cleaning and earn some extra money on top of it. Gold prices are currently very high, which means that it is a great time to sell scrap gold. But it may be difficult to determine which gold buyers to choose – you want the whole process must be fast and convenient, and also to get a high price and good service!

If you have been considering selling your scrap gold, you have probably decided to check out local pawn shops and jewellers. But today, it is actually often easier to sell gold online. When you sell your gold online you need not look for gold trading shops – you buy just a gold kit which is sent to your home. Wherever you live, you can order your gold kit from an online cash-for-gold company like Postal Gold.

Why Postal Gold?

  1. Free.  Since we only buy gold online, we have lower costs than gold buyers in jewellery shops. This means that we are able to pay for the shipping, insurance, and analysis of your gold, so the whole process is completely free for you. We will also pay for insurance if you want your gold back by our 100% satisfaction or gold-back guarantee.
  2. Reliable. Your gold kit is insured for up to 500 pounds and sent to an anonymous recipient – the exterior of the envelope shows no sign that there is expensive gold in it.  We also have high security in our laboratories.
  3. Up-to-date. Large quantities of gold are bought and sold internationally every day, so the price of gold is very volatile. Gold prices can fluctuate a lot in just one day. It is important for Postal Gold that our customers receive their payments based on the current market price, therefore we use a system that updates the gold price several times daily.
  4. Great service. When you send your gold to us, you can track it on our website. All you need is your order number and zip code. We also have a professional and knowledgeable customer service that you can call if you have questions about your order.
So if you’re in search for a good cash for gold service, be sure to head over to Postal Gold’s website,